[Pythonmac-SIG] py2app-ed program runs on 4 out of 7 Macs tried

David Goldsmith David.L.Goldsmith at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 16 17:26:34 CET 2007

Hi, all!  I have a py2app-ed application which imports numpy, Numeric, 
matplotlib, pylab, wx, wxmpl, "personal" modules, and standard 
distribution fare such as os, sys, datetime, etc. (perhaps the least 
common of these which are used are traceback and from __future__ import 
division).  It runs on 4 of 7 Macs on which I've tried it (on the three 
on which it fails, it'll start up, get as far as momentarily displaying 
the menu bar portion of the main frame, and then crash).  At first I 
thought it might have something to do with single vs. dual processors 
'cause it ran on three single processor Macs (or at least I thought they 
were all single processor Macs, I just got info that one I thought was a 
single processor is actually a dual processor), crashed on 2 dual 
processors, but then it ran on a "duo" (= dual processor, correct?) and 
crashed on a single.  Two of the machines on which it crashes are are 
running OS10.3.9, but the other appears to be running 10.4.8.  Two on 
which it crashes (not the same two as in the previous sentence) are G5's 
while the other is a G4 and it does run on the G5 I just found out is a 
dual.  I have crash logs and some Sys Profiler results to study, but 
won't be able to examine directory trees easily or soon (though if I'm 
told to look for specific files, I can ask the owners of the "bad" 
machines to do that for me).  Any ideas, leads, guesses, and/or advice?  


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