[Pythonmac-SIG] [ann] PyOSA 0.1.0, Appscript Installer 1.5.1 released

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Wed Mar 28 16:38:03 CEST 2007

you should put this on the wiki, this is a grate example of the power this

On 3/27/07, has <hengist.podd at virgin.net> wrote:
> On 27 Mar 2007, at 17:35, Kevin Walzer wrote:
> >> Announcing the first release of PyOSA, a new OSA language
> >> component for Python.
> >
> > I'm confused--how is this different from appscript?
> In a nutshell, PyOSA makes Python a *full* peer to AppleScript.
> Appscript is an Apple event bridge, allowing Python scripts to send
> Apple events to applications. That's great when you want to control
> one process from another, but no help if you need a script that
> controls and/or is controlled by its host process. For that level of
> integration/interaction, you need a full OSA language.
> PyOSA packages the Python interpreter as an OSA language component,
> allowing Python scripts to be attached to any OSA-aware application.
> It also fully integrates appscript, allowing PyOSA scripts to send
> events directly to the host process and vice-versa. Attachability and
> integrated Apple event support are essential for tasks like Folder
> Actions and Mail rules, which you just can't do with appscript alone.
> For example, you could create a Mail rule that runs an 'AppleScript'
> action whenever new messages are received. That rule would load a
> PyOSA script and call its 'perform_mail_action_with_messages'
> function, passing it a list of message references. The script could
> then go through those messages, getting and setting their properties,
> moving them to other mailboxes, and so on.
> Cool stuff, in other words, and even this is a relatively trivial
> example of OSA's full potential. Unfortunately, for various
> historical reasons, OSA has never seen widespread adoption beyond the
> AppleScript language and a relatively small number of applications.
> But hopefully a new generation of OSA language components will begin
> to change this situation for the better.
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