[Pythonmac-SIG] py2app, eggs and entry points

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Thu Mar 29 14:47:06 CEST 2007

I have an application that I'd like to package using py2app, but I'm
getting a little stuck with things.  I *think* my problem is that my
setup.py is fully setuptools-ized and my application script lives
inside my package.  Here's the call I make to setup():

      author='Nathan R. Yergler',
      author_email='nathan at creativecommons.org',

      packages = ['cclookup', 'tagger', 'eyeD3'],

      setup_requires = setup_requirements,
      install_requires = ['setuptools',
      include_package_data = True,
      zip_safe = False,

      entry_points = {
        'console_scripts':['cclookup = cclookup:main'],
      options={ "py2exe": {"packages": ["encodings", 'rdflib']},
                "py2app": {"argv_emulation": True,
                           "iconfile": os.path.join('cclookup',
'resources', 'cc.icns')

When I try to run this with py2app, it crashes into pdb complaining
that it can't locate pkg_resources.  Running the super-simplified
version of setup.py generated by py2applet builds correctly, but has
the following problems:

* dependencies aren't included (I'm not sure if py2app actually
attempts to scan for them like py2exe or not, so this may not be
py2app's fault in the least)
* app.py is included by itself, as opposed to as part of the package.

I think that ideally I'd be able to specify my application as a
gui_scripts entry point to setup(), and have it play nicely with the
eggs specified in install_requires.  I saw the docs mentioned that a
future version would use eggs (I think it was in reference to
recipes), and I was wondering what the status of that effort is.



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