[Pythonmac-SIG] managing python 2.4 and 2.5 on leopard

Warren Harris nabble.5.warren at recursor.net
Sat Aug 9 00:20:47 CEST 2008

I'm trying to understand the correct way to manage both a 2.4 and 2.5
installation on the same machine (mac 10.5.4). Actually, I have several
installed already, and I'd like to clean up this mess, but I'm afraid of
breaking things. Here's what I have installed:

1) python that comes with leopard: 

$ /usr/bin/python -V
Python 2.5.1
$ ll /usr/bin/python
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  72 Mar  2 23:58 /usr/bin/python@ ->

2) python installed by macports (can't remember why I seemed to need this,
or that the system python wasn't enough):

$ /opt/local/bin/python2.5 -V
Python 2.5.2

3) python 2.4 installed from dmg:
(I had tried to install 2.4 from macports, but this failed for some reason
-- I needed 2.4 for a project):

$ /usr/local/bin/python -V
Python 2.4.4
$ ll /usr/local/bin/python 
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  68 Jul 24 16:24 /usr/local/bin/python@ ->

4) looks like I've got a 2.3 installed too

My questions are: 

- Is there a better way to install 2.4 to live along side 2.5?
- How to uninstall the 2.4 version cleanly?
- Why does one live under /System/Library and the other under /Library (I
notice a bunch of things under /Library that appear to be duplicates, e.g.
perl, tcl, etc)?
- Should I upgrade my system 2.5 version to 2.5.2 (and the correct method)?



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