[Pythonmac-SIG] Key Bindings on cross platform apps.

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 4 20:39:29 CET 2008

Nehemiah Dacres wrote:
>  What is the difference between this editor and editra

The big difference is that Peppy has been designed to be more flexible 
and expendable -- I think it has the potential to be a really great 
editor for ALL types of text files (and some others -- binary, etc.). 
Some of the key features:

  - user-definable key bindings, including emacs style multi-key bindings.

  - User definable major-modes for different file types. (and I think 
they are inheritable, so you could create one that was almost like an 
existing mode, then add/change a bit for your use.

  - Minor modes -- these are kind of like mix-ins -- extra functionality 
you can tack onto various major modes -- like word wrapping etc.

  - You can view the same buffer (file) in multiple windows at the same 

Is does currently lack a bit of polish, particularly on the Mac.

Editra (and PyPE, SPE, ulipad, etc....), on the other hand has been 
built to do what it does well, but without the built-in flexibility. No 
different modes, no user-definable key bindings, etc. It does work 
better for the basic stuff out-of-the-box, but I've bumped into limits 
already with it.

In short, the developers have taken a different tack -- Peppy has been 
designed from the ground up with a focus on getting a flexible (and 
admittedly complex) framework in place, with some of the usability 
details on the back burner. Editra, on the other hand, has focused on 
getting basic functionality in place, including the usability niceties. 
This does make early version more usable, but I think, in the long run, 
Peppy has more room to grow.

 > and is there any
 > possibility that i would be able to use this via a console?

I think there is a possibility in the future that a console mode could 
be built -- it's got good separation of functionality from UI, but there 
  is only a wx UI at the moment -- I don't think he has plans for a 
console version.


PS: Peppy is the only editor other than (X)emacs that has a python mode 
that does indentation right.


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