[Pythonmac-SIG] installing python and mysqldb

jane doe justlists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 05:19:26 CET 2008


You are hearing from one tired puppy.   I have been wrestling with different
directories, reading umpteen
web pages, sifting through postings, re-installing, and re-locating, and
resetting paths, and all that jazz.
I think I'm partially insane now.

After about 5 days solid, trying to slog through this, I'm asking for some

If I were to start all over again, which download site do you recommend?
I would like to know, if there is anyone out there who knows which directory
to be in, to be sure
config files or directories or paths are correct, so that this will work.


My machine is OS X 10.4, I have Python 2.3.5 or MacPython 2.4.4, Mysql 14.7,
and I installed
mysqldb 1.2.2  (but the contents look like they were 1.2.1?)

1000 humble Thanks....
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