[Pythonmac-SIG] Building a PreferencePane with PyObjC?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sun Apr 19 17:53:31 CEST 2009


The example that's in the repository is fully up-to-date, although it  
doesn't use Interface Builder.

The easiest way to develop preference panes for now is to have a dummy  
xcode project to get the nibfile integration in interface builder  
(that is, when you add python files to an xcode project IB automaticly  
knows about those files). Then use py2app to actually build the  
preference pane.

Py2app in subversion already can compile .xib files when building a  
bundle, unless you use the '-A' flag. In that case you're better of to  
instruct Interface builder to save your IB documents as '.nib' files.

BTW, AFAIK there are no Xcode templates for building plugin bundles in  
Python and I have no intention to create those because I don't like  
Xcode for Python development.


On 17 Apr, 2009, at 19:56, Bill Janssen wrote:

> Hi, all.  I'm trying to build a PreferencePane with Python and  
> Interface
> Builder, and the examples I can find on the Web seem somewhat
> out-of-date.  In particular, the EnvironmentPane example seems to  
> use a
> "magic NIB", which I can't figure out how to construct from scratch,  
> and
> which I can't seem to convert to XIB format.  If someone could outline
> the steps of what needs to happen to build a new PreferencePane XIB  
> file
> from scratch, using IB, I'd be grateful.
> Or if you've got a pointer to an up-to-date Xcode 3 example, that  
> would
> be useful, too.
> Thanks!
> Bill
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