[Pythonmac-SIG] timeout of connection?

has hengist.podd at virgin.net
Fri Dec 18 12:45:34 CET 2009

Jon Christopher wrote:

>> Are you sure all commands are being executed?
> Reasonably, but I'll have to check again.

Always helps to be sure. Been there, done that.

>> What do the references produced by the following look like:
>>        print app("EyeTV").recordings.get()
> IIRC, it's a list of recording objects (defined in the EyeTV dictionary)
> which can then be passed back to EyeTV:
> [...]
> Now that I think about it, my app caches those recording objects for
> quite some time.  Is there a possibility that they could expire or become
> invalidated over time?

Bear in mind that Apple event IPC uses queries, not pointers, to identify remote objects. (It's roughly analogous to sending XPath queries over XML-RPC.) The reason I ask to see an actual result is because some types of queries are more 'reliable' than others. Only the by-id reference form gives anything like a guarantee of locating the same object every time you use it in a command.

>> Have you tried enabling AEDebug and observing the events being sent?
> Interesting idea.  Any suggestions on how to do so?  My application
> is a plug-in for Front Row,
> and there's something weird about the way FR is started:  there's a
> separate launcher app
> for the actual .app in /System/Library/Core Services/Front Row.app;
> I'm not sure if launching FR
> from the command line actually works, which makes setting the AEDebug
> environment variable
> problematic.

Try setting it on EyeTV.


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