[Pythonmac-SIG] [newbie] install PyObjc under EPD Python ?

Ned Deily nad at acm.org
Tue Dec 22 05:25:29 CET 2009

In article <4B2FB1B4.500 at noaa.gov>,
 Christopher Barker <Chris.Barker at noaa.gov> wrote:
> Ned Deily wrote:
> > Chances are, though, that 
> > their python2.5 does not allow you to correctly build packages with C 
> > extension modules (such as those in PyObjC) on 10.6.
> whooa!
> This appears to mean that python2.6 (or 3.1, I guess) is the only fully 
> supported option for 10.6 and above?
> That's good to know -- hopefully we'll be going to 10.6 soon, and have 
> not yet ported some critical stuff to 2.6.
> Have I got that right?

There was stuff that needed to be done to make multi-architecture 
multiple-OS-level builds work correctly on 10.6.  I'm thinking of things 
like forcing compilation with gcc-4.0 and using the 10.4u SDK for 
building extension modules.  It certainly is possible to get 2.5.4 
working for 10.6 - Apple has done it.  But if there were recent patches, 
they wouldn't have been accepted into the python.org svn tree for 2.5.  
If you had to start from scratch for 2.5.4 on 10.6, I would guess the 
safest approach would be to limit yourself to a single-architecture 
build.  The 2.5.4 from the python.org OS X installer should probably 
work OK on 10.6 since it is 32-bit only, except for the extension 
building issues.

OTOH, 2.5.x is no longer supported on *any* platform by the Python Dev 
team, other than for critical security patches.  And there are all those 
fixes that have gone into 2.6.x.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at acm.org

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