[Pythonmac-SIG] utf-8 using python 2.6.1 (os x 10.6.4)

Jym Feat jf at ai.univ-paris8.fr
Mon Dec 13 19:57:53 CET 2010

I'm having issues when using python 2.6.1 in interactive mode : it wouldn't let me type anything but plain ascii... while the terminal itself will properly display french accented characters as entered on the fly;

so I looked into site.py, found that silly instruction was still there on line 456, changed it, to utf-8, but still no go...

hunting for a solution on the web, I learned about PYTHONIOENCODING and set it to utf-8 in my environment: still no accented french chars...

then I checked the 'escape non ascii' option in the terminal settings: now I can type words like Noël or Pâques, but there are still some oddities, like the ¦ ligature for instance, that display as ?^?^?

has anybody solved that issue?

Jym Feat ~ Paris FR 75018

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