[Pythonmac-SIG] py2app missing import statement

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Thu Feb 11 13:10:16 CET 2010

On 10 Feb, 2010, at 18:11, Christopher Barker wrote:

> Barry Scott wrote:
>> I made a mistake and got my PYTHONPATH wrong hence
>> _bemacs cannot be found.
>> I guess that in the face of an import that cannot be found
>> py2app simply ignores it. What would be useful is to have
>> a message saying the import cannot be found.
>> I realise that this can lead to false positive messages
>> but it would be useful to point to errors.
> I agree -- it really should issue a warning or something.

It does print a warning, but one that's hidden in a lot of noise. Py2app currently logs everything it does, and that's mostly completely uninteresting.

> You can post a bug report/feature request on the pyobjc project at one at Sourceforge.

And ideally you should include a patch. In this case that would be a patch that disables most of the logging in py2app (or rather replaces it with must more succint logging "building bundle", "copying python files", ...)


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