[Pythonmac-SIG] Simple PyObjC question: real or vapor?

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Wed Apr 6 13:39:26 CEST 2011

Disclaimer: I know nothing about PyObjC.

Am 2011-04-04 um 07:24 schrieb Temescal:

> 3) I've used easy_install successfully exactly once to install  
> lxml.  I've
> shunned MacPorts and Fink
> because of the various web reports about their frailty, and also  
> because
> using them seems to be
> incomprehensibly complex.

I use MacPorts all the time and used Fink on earlier systems. (And I  
guess Homebrew is similar.)
I don’t know what you would call "incomprehensibly complex" about any  
of them.

It’s normally not advised to use Port’s or Fink’s python, esp. to do  
any Mac-specific stuff, because they follow a "general UNIX/Linux"  
approach, i.e. use X11. If you don’t need any other "ported" stuff,  
you might be annoyed that they pull in "a complete Linux system".

Normally the best advice is to use python.org’s distribution.  
Sometimes ActiveState’s may be better.

> 4) Xcode 4, which I just learned about, seems to not support python  
> at all,
> according to threads here.

Probably not true - python support in XCode 4 seems different than in  
previous versions, but it’s there.
(As far as I read the latest thread on that subject - never tried  
python with any XCode myself.)

> be this hard, and if it really is this hard, I just won't be writing  
> apps for the Mac, because
> I really like python, more than any other language I've used.  I  
> like python
> because it is clear, it
> works, it is well documented, and it is complete.  Thus far, PyObjC  
> is none
> of these.

Why don’t you use wxPython? (I suggest to use it via the "dabo"  
wrapper, esp. for data-centric applications; see http://dabodev.com)
There *are* reasons against wx, but perhaps none of them is yours.

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