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But just take pains to be clear & include sample code to illustrate your
question and somebody will usually answer. (Also, stackoverflow.com is a
good place to look for answers.)

Re the mac, none of the non-Apple python installs (i.e. from ActiveState or
python.org) will deliberately override the 2.x version distributed by
Apple. So you end up with two pythons. The Apple one lives in
/System/Frameworks, and /usr/bin/python or /usr/bin/idle invokes it.

And whatever other one you install will be in /Library/Frameworks, and will
have some name like python3 or idle3 and be in /usr/local/bin/ (which would
need to be in your PATH). It's complicated but it allows two independent
pythons to coexist.

Downloaded extension modules usually go to the site-packages folder for
that python, with a path like

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