[Pythonmac-SIG] shrink app bundle size (removing unused stuff)?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sat Mar 10 01:33:56 CET 2012

On 9 Mar, 2012, at 10:55, Carlos Grohmann wrote:

> I think that if the 'excludes' weren't overwritten by the
> wx/numpy/matplotlib/etc recipes, it would be easier to fine-tune our
> options (maybe run the recipes first and aftrer run the excludes?)

The matplotlib issue seems to be a bug that's not related to recipes: py2app copies package data into the application bundle, and this code accidently also copied all subpackages like the matplotlib.test package.   I have a patch, but need to test if this actually fixes the bug before I commit.


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