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#10: no /usr/bin/python after install
       Id:  10       |      Status:  new                     
Component:  pyvault  |    Modified:  Thu Nov  3 02:31:31 2005
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    Owner:  jeff     |    Reporter:  MichalWallace <->       
 jeff, regarding a RHEL3 machine:

 michal said:
 > * also, there was no /usr/bin/python after the
 > install (just python2.2 and python2.4)
 > I fixed with a symlink

 I have occasionally seen this behavior and I am not entirely sure why. My
 system uses alternatives to get the symlinks right. Sometimes it isn't
 triggered correctly or it cannot find the macros necessary to run the
 alternatives macros. I believe it's probably rooted in /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc
 not having an macrofiles entry for /etc/rpm/macros.* In later distros,
 macrofiles entry exists so that packages can install their own macro files
 in /etc/rpm. To fix this, it may require an upgrade to rpm-redhat-config.
 Please hang a Trac for this too.


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