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#10: no /usr/bin/python after install
       Id:  10       |      Status:  assigned                
Component:  pyvault  |    Modified:  Sat Nov 19 13:58:13 2005
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 Priority:  normal   |     Version:                          
    Owner:  jeff     |    Reporter:  MichalWallace <->       
Changes (by jeff):

  * status:  new => assigned


 I figured this out, finally. It happens only in the obsolesence transition
 from the dist python to pyvault's pythonXY, where XY deps on which dist.
 For example, on FC4, when going from python=2.4 to python24=2.4, the %post
 in python24 creates the new symlink, but, python deletes upon finishing
 the transaction.

 I will have to use some trickery to get this to work without causing a
 conflict with other python's. I am nearing giving up on individual
 installations of the python's and forcing the issue with a dummy "python"
 package. This would resolve a lot of my pain. With how %PYVrequires is
 setup, this is basically the policy I'm pursuing anyway... hmm, more on
 this later.

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