[PyVault-users] can't make setuptools 0.6a9dev-r41477 bdist_rpm with PyVault Pyth on 2.4

Jennings Jared L Contr 46 SK/CCI jared.jennings at eglin.af.mil
Fri Nov 18 18:56:12 CET 2005

This patch which is part of the PyVault adds a --record_rpm= switch with a
function to the distutils/command/install.py, and makes the spec file use
that switch instead of --record=. It appears to deal with shared objects and
LC_MESSAGES files in a way that RPM wants.


When I built a PyVault python24 RPM with this patch, I couldn't make an rpm
out of setuptools using python setup.py bdist_rpm. I found that the patched
distutils bdist_rpm command was calling setup.py with a --record-rpm
argument, but setuptools supplants the --record-rpm code added to distutils
by the above patch with its own code, which has no --record-rpm. I tried to
add the record_rpm stuff to setuptools/command/easy_install.py; but
record_rpm depends on the values of some options that are initialized and
finalized very fancily, so that it looks like I'd have to pull in huge
chunks of distutils/command/install.py to make the thing fly.

When I used a PyVault Python without the recordrpm patch, I was able to make
a setuptools bdist_rpm. I haven't figured out what happens to compiled or
locale-ized extensions without this patch; but I'm hoping that setuptools
might be the last bdist_rpm I have to make and so maybe it won't matter.
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