[PyVault-users] PyVault Requests

Jeff Pitman jeff.pitman at msa.hinet.net
Fri Sep 23 18:36:20 CEST 2005


While we haven't finished 100% on the RHEL 3 tests, please peruse the 
RPMs available here: http://python.org/pyvault.  If you have any 
recommendations for packages to add, post a message to the innercircle 
list (and CC pyvault-users if possible). I'll monitor and see what I 
can do (for the pyvault side, of course. Michal takes care of the "yum 
install" part.)

The advantage scenario for this setup is that you'll be able to develop 
your programs on RHEL 4, FC3, and FC4, and be able to confidently run 
them from Cornerhost's RHEL 3 systems.

take care,

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