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Michal Wallace michal at sabren.com
Fri Sep 23 22:06:10 CEST 2005

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005, Jeff Pitman wrote:

> While we haven't finished 100% on the RHEL 3 tests, please peruse the 
> RPMs available here: http://python.org/pyvault.  If you have any 
> recommendations for packages to add, post a message to the innercircle 
> list (and CC pyvault-users if possible). I'll monitor and see what I 
> can do (for the pyvault side, of course. Michal takes care of the "yum 
> install" part.)

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the offer! :)

One recommendations is a flat list of *all* the modules
in pyvault. The search box is for all of python.org.
I went through all the categories and put them into
notepad so I could search the whole list.

My python2.2.3 rpms are here:


Here's what I install now and whether I found
them on pyvault:

GnuPGInterface - yes
moin - yes
pexpect - yes
pysqlite - yes
SOAPy - yes

4Suite - no
Imaging - no
Numeric - no
PyChecker - no
PyXML - no
bsddb3 - no
metakit - no
pygdchart - no

logging - no, but i think this is standard now
piddle - no, but I've inherited this so i'll work on it

I don't know if there's still a demand for
all of these modules on my servers, or if they're 
all worth tracking. I would think that the xml, 
numeric, and imaging libraries would be pretty 
standard requests though. 

Having an rpm for 4Suite  is also very nice because 
it's slower to build than python itself. :)

Michal J Wallace
Sabren Enterprises, Inc.
contact: michal at sabren.com
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