[sapug] Large dictionaries

Daryl Tester Daryl.Tester at iocane.com.au
Thu May 11 11:48:03 CEST 2006

Darryl Ross wrote:

> Make sure you put any inserts into a transaction. Using a disk based
> database, inserting 10,000 rows went from being a multi-minute operation
> to a split-second operation, just by putting them inside a BEGIN/COMMIT.

This applies to a lot of databases (I'm thinking of Postgres and
Oracle in particular) - INSERTs outside of a transaction are
wrapped in their own individual transactions, instead of around
a block of 'em.  I think there's an option to later Postgres' to
switch it off on a per-session basis, at least from psql.

  Daryl Tester, IOCANE Pty. Ltd.

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