[sapug] Erlang, the movie.

stephen white steve at adam.com.au
Mon Oct 2 08:03:14 CEST 2006

On 02/10/2006, at 10:00 AM, Daryl Tester wrote:
> Maybe it's just me, but the guy giving the bulk of the presentation
> reminds me too much of Graham Chapman.

You weren't kidding! As soon as he appeared, I thought he was going  
to say something about precious sperm!

Erlang, Dylan and OCaml are on my "interesting languages" list, but I  
never seem to get around to them as I can do everything I want with  
my current software stack of Objective C and Smalltalk on Cocoa  
within a single run-time.


I would be interested in replacing Smalltalk with Ruby, but am not  
willing to give up the interactivity of a single runtime and  
automatically picking up Objective C objects. I should make a movie  
and post it up...

> The second point is why I'm so keen to stick a REPL interpreter
> into some of the applications I've been working on, and Python's

An interpreter in an interpreter? How about dropping back a level and  
writing the interpreter that should have been done, therefore making  
Python obsolete? :)

You could call it something beginning with ++"P", so R.... Ryby? :)

   steve at adam.com.au

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