[sapug] hello everyone

nepBabu.cx nepbabu.cx at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 03:30:36 CEST 2006

Daryl Tester wrote:
> nepBabu.cx wrote:
>> btw, this list doesn't seem to be so populated with people ?
>> The gaps between the posts are very intermittent ?
> It's a local (South Australian) list, more social than anything
> else, so I'm not sure how much Python you will learn from it.
> It also seems to be populated by weirdos with interests in
> languages outside of Python ...

Hi Daryl,
I am in SA as well. :) It's sort of strange because I keep hearing this
REPL thing, which sounded like fancy term for PERL (which is btw, the
most obfuscated nonsensical language out of which we can get something
done in one line) but a bit of googling helped there
(read-event-print-loop if I am correct?).

And then again Erlang! ha!.

But it's really good that I joined atleast, learn something new in every
post. :)

 	  c c
.'`~C.-.c =W=

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