[sapug] competition idea

stephen white steve at adam.com.au
Sat Mar 10 03:40:26 CET 2007

On 09/03/2007, at 7:41 PM, Janet Hawtin wrote:
> Pygame, Squeak, Blender, Enlightenment, there must be something we can
> develop some howtos or tutes for to make something workable.

What? Blender? For beginners?!

It looks to me like you're intent on using free software, which makes  
you a solution in search of a problem. When you front up with these  
ideas, it's going to be readily apparent that these are not good  
answers for making IT an attractive and appealing field.

Inappropriate advocation does more damage to the objectives of GNU  
and free software, as it causes people who are otherwise receptive to  
examine the proposed solutions and conclude that people are more  
enthusiastic than the products really warrant.

I would advise that you only propose an option when it is a real  
solution, and I'm not seeing that Python, Blender, Enlightenment or  
Squeak are valid answers to the problem of making programming  
appealing to those who haven't experienced it before.


PS. Sorry about the prior message, I was trying to dictionary check  
and hit deliver!

   steve at adam.com.au

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