[sapug] New to Adelaide and Python ...

Tim Wegener twegener at fastmail.fm
Thu May 10 15:32:54 CEST 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 12:50 +0930, Robert Nansel wrote:
> I'm learning Python 2.5, under OSX for the time being, and I'd  
> appreciate any tips on good tutorials, cookbooks, example code to  
> look at, online or in books.  I have ORA's Learning Python by Lutz &  
> Ascher, but it's the old first edition, so it only covers up to  
> Python 1.5.

I've been working with Python regularly for about the last five years.
Over that time I haven't found the need to buy any books on the subject,
as there are ample resources online and they tend to be more concise and
up to date.

Here is my recommended reading list:

The "Official" Python Tutorial by Guido van Rossum (the author of
Python) (This should get you up to speed in a day.)

The standard library module index:

The Python Style Guide also by GvR (style matters!)

The Python Quick Reference (this is the main place I turn to these days;
everything on one page and shows differences between Python versions)

Dive into Python (if you want some more tutorials)

And don't forget:
$ python
>>> import this

Beyond this, comp.lang.python is a good place to search and ask
questions. (Especially keep an eye out for posts by any of the 'bots':
Tim Peters, Alex Martelli, Fredrik Lundh.)

I have had a flick through Mark Lutz's 'Programming Python' and also
'Learning Python' that you mentioned. These felt a bit bloated to me.

> Anyway, I eventually I hope to apply Python to the more resource- 
> constrained environments typical of embedded systems (single-chip  
> microcontrollers, limited RAM, no hard disk, etc.).  Does anyone on  
> this list do such work?

I know of RFID readers that are embedded devices that run Python on
Linux. Not sure what the resources are in terms of RAM/CPU, perhaps in
the order of 8MB? 

I came across this on the web one day, Python on a chip:

Also, Python can run on Nokia Series 60 phones, ARM based PDAs, Intel
PDAs, Palm, etc. I imagine you are talking about stricter resource
constraints than these have, though.

You may also find this interesting:

What embedded applications do you have in mind?


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