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Chris Foote chris at inetd.com.au
Wed May 30 03:36:01 CEST 2007

On Tue, 29 May 2007, Daryl Tester wrote:

> I stumbled across this the other month - the "Testing In Python"
> mailing list.  For all you Mock Objectivists and people who, like
> horror, test the code you write.  There's even some interesting
> snippets from Jim Fulton (*The* Zope Architect) on their testing
> strategies.
> <http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/testing-in-python>

I've toyed with PyUnit a little bit (http://pyunit.sourceforge.net)
but I don't really understand test driven development.

To me it seems like you'd spend far too much extra time getting your code
to fit the tests than getting real work done, especially with projects
than involve lots of external components like databases, distributed
procedures and actions that take place in the background using threads.
Maybe I'm missing a big piece of the testing puzzle :-(

Having code not break when getting modified by herds of software engineers
would have to be a good reason to use it, but aren't its benefits very
limited for one or two man projects ?

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