[sapug] Google AppEngine... python?

Daryl Tester dt-sapug at handcraftedcomputers.com.au
Tue Jun 3 13:00:13 CEST 2008

stephen white wrote:

> 	http://blog.neontology.com/posts/2008/04/17/google-app-engine
> is running on Google's AppEngine, which is Python. Or is it? You'll  
> have to read to find out!

It reads like someone whose introduction to Python was via Google's

*)  He makes the Tab mistake that you're warned about in most
Python tutorials (i.e. don't use them, your editor may have
different tab stops).

*)  He seems to confuse Django's templating mechanism for Python.

*)  "Python anachronisms for declaring attributes" - no, that's
Google's mechanism.


  Daryl Tester

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 scary-looking message' was any sort of road bump for malware."
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