[sapug] Plethora of jobs on SEEK for Python programmers in Adelaide.

Daryl Tester dt-sapug at handcraftedcomputers.com.au
Fri Mar 7 13:10:57 CET 2008

stephen white wrote:

> Or:
> - Dynamic languages suck for scaling up to real projects, even though  
> they're great for small scale RAD exploring.

Sorry, I don't buy that.  I've a Python application that's real time
processing RADIUS data for ADSL sessions, and currently handles about
10 requests per second (not particularly high, but real-world).  Its
uptime frequently matches the box (I can reload the business logic
portion without having to restart the entire process).  Its peak
processing rate is around 40 requests per second, but the limit is
incurred by outstanding Postgres and LDAP queries, not due to the
interpreter (I've got a Todo item to stub out those queries to see
what could be achieved - one day).

>> (15:11:12) DHH: before fastthread we had _400 restarts/day
>> (15:11:22) DHH: now we have perhaps 10

I think the problem there (and this sounds more like a framework
issue than interpreter) is thinking that this sort of thing was
acceptable.  Colleagues know how mercilessly I hunt down these
sort of things in my own code.  Heck, I'm peeved that I can't
use Linux's getrusage() to get an app to monitor its own memory
consumption correctly (something other Unices don't seem to
have a problem getting to work correctly).

>> Now, DHH tells me that he’s got 400 restarts a mother fucking day.  
>> That’s 1 restart about ever 4 minutes bitches. These restarts went  
>> away after I exposed bugs in the GC and Threads which Mentalguy  
>> fixed with fastthread (like a Ninja, Mentalguy is awesome).

Although now this is starting to sound more like the interpreter.
I'm confused.

> 	http://www.zedshaw.com/rants/rails_is_a_ghetto.html

I read most of this, but it just came off as juvenile ranting and
character assassination.  I'm not sure what his point was outside
of that.

  Daryl Tester

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