[sapug] Calzone anyone?

Daryl Tester dt-sapug at handcraftedcomputers.com.au
Wed Apr 29 23:33:20 CEST 2009

Darryl Ross wrote:

> On 28/04/2009 6:11 AM, Daryl Tester wrote:
>> Ryan Verner wrote:
>>> Been ages since we've had a catchup/"meeting" - anybody up for one in
>>> the coming weeks?

>> Yeah, with the caveat I'm heading of to NZ in the middle of May for 8
>> days (some people might see that as the most opportune time to have
>> the meet :-).

> And we have a baby due any day now.

On time and under budget, I'm sure.  :-)

It looks like I'm not going to get much free time between now and
May 13th (when I amscray), so how about some time May 25th onwards?
Mondays and Thursdays are out for me (other commitments), so
Tuesday or Wednesday?  The last week of May should put it clear of
LinuxSA or the Calzone meets (formerly known as AUUG), or likewise
with the first week in June.

  Daryl Tester

"Crush! Kill! Deploy!"  -- Lost In Space I.T. Dept.

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