[sapug] Any Python opportunities in Adelaide?

Daryl Tester dt-sapug at handcraftedcomputers.com.au
Thu Jan 22 04:02:39 CET 2009

R C wrote:

> I just moved to Adelaide from the US (Seattle, if you are wondering), and I
> am interested in any suggestions anyone might have for where to look for
> jobs that use Python.  My most recent position involved writing automation
> code in Python to test network application software, so I am reasonably
> competent in Python but not what anyone would consider an expert.

Warning: my opinion only, may not mesh with reality.  May be taken in jest,
but not to be ingested.

There's stuff that comes up sporadically via the job hunters, but generally
in Adelaide Python skillz seem to be an adjunct to some primary attribute,
like sys adminning or assassin (repeating myself there).  There has been a
games house and video effects outfit advertising in the past though.  Most
of the ISPs here seem to run Perl (although one is dabbling in Erlang, or
trying to.  Drat, I don't think he's on this list so he may not bite :-).
Well, I know of one ISP using Python, but they have me, so it probably
wasn't their choice ...

You could carve a niche for yourself though.  Currently I'm writing a Windows
service and GUI client for a customer using Python and py2exe, and they'll be
none the wiser (apart from I've already told them :-).  And I'm quite impressed
with how far py2exe has come - it's ability to pack the entire interpreter,
library and miscellaneous DLLs into a single EXE without having to unpack
anything was pretty much a deal breaker for me using Python on this project.

I should get another meetup together sometime - one every two years doesn't
seem often enough, although it's fitting in with my free schedule nicely ...

  Daryl Tester

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