[sapug] Straw poll, of sorts.

Ryan Verner ryan at uanywhere.com.au
Tue Mar 3 04:05:03 CET 2009

2.3 here.  Still support some apps on FC3 boxes, unfortunately!

On 03/03/2009, at 10:52 AM, Daryl Tester wrote:

> I'm just about to start writing myself a C extension module, and as I
> was pondering how far to make it backward compatible the following
> thought sprung to mind.  What's the oldest and newest version of
> Python you currently write code for [1]?
> I still have a fairly sizeable system that's running on Python 1.5.2
> (it's slooowly being migrated across on a break/fix basis, which is  
> the
> only time the customer pays, but alas it rarely breaks), but most of  
> the
> stuff I do these days is based around 2.5.x (various flavours of .2 to
> .4) as py2exe doesn't cope well with 2.6.  I've done little under 2.6
> (certainly nothing that would specifically use any of its features),  
> and
> apart from library changes (e.g. MIMEWriter's severe makeover) I  
> tend to
> code in a subset of Python that will allow me to run on a fairly wide
> range of versions (although not as far back as 1.5.2, I have to  
> remember
> how to convert between "idioms" like list comprehensions).
> So what's your version range?
> 1 - this won't effect my decision, it's just something I'm idly
> curious about.  However, I probably won't code the extension as
> a type for that reason as I know the extension types have changed
> between major versions.
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> Daryl Tester
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