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Daryl Tester wrote:

> Job thingy from Python-AU, if anyone is interested in defecting to Melbourne.

D'oh - looks like the mailing list stripped the attachment.

Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 09:38:25 +1000
From: Tim Stebbing <tjstebbing at gmail.com>
To: python-au at starship.python.net
Subject: [Python-au] Senior Python Web/Network Application Developer (Full Time)

Senior Python Web Application Developer (Full Time)

Fitness2live is a market-leading online health and wellbeing company
based in Melbourne. The company provides online interactive health
services to corporate, government and retail clients in domestic and
overseas markets.

We are seeking a Senior Python Developer to join our development team.
This excellent opportunity is based in the company's Richmond office. To
be successful you must possess the following:

Technical requirements:
- 5+ years commercial development experience
- An in-depth knowledge of Python and related libraries
- Experience with open source relational databases
- Understanding of basic web protocols, http, XML-RPC, JSON
- The ability to write clear and well unit-tested code
- Be capable of groking existing code quickly and making improvements
- Ability to develop HTML templates

Professional requirements:
- Excellent written and verbal communication
- Good expectation setting, prioritisation and time management
- Ownership of projects and relevant outcomes
- Ability to work collaboratively with other senior developers

Desirable experience:

- Web Performance/Scalability knowledge.
- Be comfortable with an iterative development cycle
- Twisted
- PostgreSQL

If you're interested contact Tim Stebbing <tjs at fitness2live.com.au>
with your resume.



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