scikits.image sprints at EuroScipy and SciPy 2011

Emmanuelle Gouillart emmanuelle.gouillart at
Sun Aug 21 10:39:47 EDT 2011

Hi St�fan!

> I'll definitely be there.  I think one of the main aims of the sprint
> for me will be to

Great news! When do you arrive in Paris?

>  - Merge and test Pieter Holtzhausen's GSoC changes
>  - Add tools for easy writing of tutorials (we'll borrow from nipy, perhaps)
>  - Fill out the MATLAB compatibility chart that Kyle Mandli
> implemented at SciPy2011
>  - Prepare for the release of 0.3

OK, I'll try to give you a hand for this. As for me, I'm particularly
interested in writing documentation (examples) and merging code from

> > Let's start: I'm free on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th; I'll have much
> > less time during the conference itself, being one of the organizers.

> I'll definitely be there those days as well.  I'm teaching during the
> conference, but apart from that I'll work on this and IPython.

Great; in fact I'll have to be at work either on Tuesday morning or
Wednesday morning, but I'll be at the Ecole Normale Sup�rieure (Physics
Department) for the rest of the time.

Anybody else? (Ma�l?)

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