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Tue Aug 30 12:00:43 EDT 2011

What? It is was a clean patch :)
On Aug 30, 2011 6:36 AM, "Stéfan van der Walt" <stefan at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've made some progress at the sprint last night towards the 0.3
> release. Thanks go out to Emmanuelle, Gaël, Thouis, David as well as
> Chris (whom we never saw, but who merged a patch silently :).
> I'll be travelling for the next 10 days, but thereafter I plan to
> round this up and cut the release. Here's what's cooking:
> - Emmanuelle is incorporating cellprofiler morphology funcs (watershed &
> - Stefan is creating the Debian packages, sorting out the windows
> builder, and writing up the dtype overview
> - Thouis & Kyle are completing the functionality overview table
> - Gael is improving the implementation of TV denoise using fista
> - David is setting up our bento build script
> - The team (that's you!) is reviewing Pieter's Google Summer of Code
> We need to hear from you! If there's anything you need to get in
> before the release, now's a good time.
> Also, we need a new logo for the website--I know someone must be able
> to draw prettier pictures than me, so don't be shy!
> Regards
> Stéfan
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