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Emmanuelle Gouillart emmanuelle.gouillart at nsup.org
Tue Nov 8 17:36:12 EST 2011

	Dear all,

	a 1-year Python (and ImageJ) developer position on 3-D image
processing is available in my team, hopefully involving some
contributions to skimage! See the description below, and also

	Please spread the word!




Hiring a junior developer on 3-D image processing in the joint lab
CNRS/Saint-Gobain (Paris)

Description of the position

The goal of this 1-year project is to build a user-friendly and
good-quality 3-D image processing package from the miscellaneous
codebases written by different research teams working together on X-ray
tomography. In a first phase, you will strongly interact with the
researchers of the different teams in order to list and collect the
different algorithms used by the teams (including a few state-of-the-art
algorithms used by specialists on image processing collaborating with the
teams). You will integrate these algorithms (starting with those of most
common interest) into a common package, taking special care of usability
(documentation, installation, ...) and robustness of the code (testing,
handling of different file formats). The package will consist of a Python
package and a set of ImageJ routines. For easier maintenance, some
algorithms of general interest will be contributed instead to the
open-source Python scikits-image ``skimage``.

Scientific context

The French EDDAM project
(http://www.svi.cnrs-bellevue.fr/wikimedia/index.php/EDDAM) focusses on
the ultrafast 3-D X-ray imaging of amorphous materials under mechanical
load or thermal treatment. Thanks to state-of-the-art developements of
synchrotron X-ray tomography, it is now possible to image the evolution
of materials at timescales below 1s, giving unprecendented insights into
the transformation of materials. Such experiments typically produce huge
datasets, for which efficient automated image processing methods are


* Good abilities for team working. Objective-driven mindset.

* Knowledge of a programming language and some scientific computing.
  Knowledge of one of the languages/sotfwares used by the team (Python,
  ImageJ + Java, Matlab) is a plus.

* Interest for quality assurance and best practices in software
  development: documentation, testing, version control.

* Interest and curiosity on image processing. A previous experience on
  image processing or a mathematical-oriented mindset is a plus.

Practical aspects

The position is available from February 2012.

The salary depends on the level of experience of the candidate, from 1650
euros (net salary) per month (master's degree) to 1930 euros per month
(PhD degree). If you are finishing a master's degree and you are looking
for an internship, it is also possible to start with an internship before
taking the 1-year position.

Your employer will be the CNRS (French National Research Center), and you
will be located at the joint unit CNRS/Saint-Gobain
(http://www.svi.cnrs-bellevue.fr), in Aubervilliers, close to Paris

Candidates should send a CV with cover letter to Emmanuelle Gouillart at
emmanuelle.gouillart at nsup.org.

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