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> On Nov 8, 2011 11:10 PM, "Jérôme Kieffer" <google at terre-adelie.org> wrote:
> > I would like to advertise another position (fixed term, 3 years max) on
> experiment control (using python/Qt).
> I can't read French, 

Weird ... sometimes the page is in french, sometimes in english with the same URL :/
Going through the portal is easier: http://www.esrf.fr/Jobs/english

> so I'll have to ask: does this project also provide
> the opportunity to contribute back to an open source project?

By default all code ESRF produced should be available for our share-holders (mostly European countries). Making it open-source in GPL is the easiest way we found to meet this requirement (true for 95% of our projects).
Some projects:

Nevertheless this contract is very peculiar (french COD, fixed term contract related to a project) is targeting at the migration from Qt3 to Qt4 of a piece of code controlling many beamlines (7 at ESRF, but also in some other places)

So contributing back to open-source projects is possible (within this COD) only for closely related open-source project on which MXCube depends like PyQt, PyQwt, Qwt, Tango, PyMca, ...

Sorry, that's probably not the answer you expected :-/

Jerome Kieffer

Software Engineer (m/f), short-term contract of 18 months minimum and 36 months maximum

time-limited contract

As part of the general ESRF beamline portfolio renewal, the Structural Biology Group will create a new suite of state of the art beamlines for Macromolecular Crystallography (MASSIF). The facility will be built on ID30 and will comprise three beamlines, one with micro-focus capability. All beamlines will be equipped with automated sample changers and advanced sample evaluation instrumentation and software. You will participate in the enhancement of our Python/Qt based beamline control application, mxCuBE required for the implementation of advanced sample evaluation, in two distinct phases : 
• Adaptation of the current product to the latest developments of our sample evaluation and diffraction data processing platform (EDNA) as well as the development of the communication bothways to our laboratory information system (ISPYB) via webservices and implementation of more complicated sample characterisation and data collection strategies 
• Migration of mxCuBE to the new ESRF platform for beamline control applications The mission also involves deployment, support and maintenance tasks to allow a continuous usage of the software by our users during their experiments. Together with the opportunity to extend your knowledge of data acquisition you will work as a member of a team of scientists and developers dedicated to bringing the most advanced sample evaluation and data collection techniques to the European Macromolecular Crystallography Community. mxCuBE is also used by other synchrotrons within Europe and you’ll have therefore to enlarge your interactions to developers outside ESRF. 
This mission will be considered as finished when the migration of MxCuBE to the new platform is completed and all functionality is tested and stable.


You should have a higher university degree (MSc, DESS, Master, Diploma, Licenciado, Laurea or equivalent) in Software Engineering. Professional skills with Python programming and the Qt graphical toolkit (PyQt) are mandatory. Knowledge of Javacript and web application development would be an asset. Working experience with git or a similar revision control system would be appreciated. Ideally, you should have a genuine interest in distributed systems, scientific instrumentation software and associated techniques. You should be highly motivated and capable of integrating into the ESRF's multidisciplinary and international staff; ability to work within a dynamic international collaboration is essential.


Ref. COD/MXCUBE - Deadline for returning application forms: 18/11/2011

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