ANN : FreDo-Editor 0.01dev, a frequency domain image editor

Vighnesh Birodkar vighneshbirodkar at
Fri Aug 21 03:38:47 EDT 2015


This is to announce Fredo-Editor, a frequency domain image editor.





Fredo-Editor (Frequency Domain Editor) is a GUI for editing images in their 
frequency spectrum. It is intended for academic/research purposes. It's 
main goal is to help the user understand the Fourier Transform, by seeing 
it taking effect in real time. 

It can also be used to remove periodic noise from images as seen here:

At this point, only basic square shape modifications are possible. I want 
to gather feedback to know what features to add. I intend this to be a 
small. handy tool for researchers, students and teachers to explore, 
visualize and understand the Fourier Transform and frequency domain 

Any comments and criticisms are welcome.

*Note:* Fredo-Editor is still under development and its features and 
functionality is subject to change.

input.png - The input image and its Fourier transform
output.png - Corrected image and its Fourier Transform

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