Help wanted: implementation of 3D medial axis skeletonization

Emmanuelle Gouillart emmanuelle.gouillart at
Mon Nov 2 17:39:26 EST 2015

Hi Stéfan

3D skeletonization would be a great idea. I wonder if the algorithm you
mention is the same as the one used in
(which is quite popular in the X-ray tomography community). There are so
many 3D skeletonization algorithms that understanding which specs are
required might be an important first step.

Can you explain which kind of sponsoring it would be? Is it only
available for people living in the US, or in other countries? For
students only? 


On Mon, Nov 02, 2015 at 02:26:46PM -0800, Stefan van der Walt wrote:
> Hi all,

> I have been approached by a group that is interested in sponsoring the
> development of 3D skeletonization in scikit-image.  One potential
> starting place would be:


> Is anyone interested in working on this?  Please get in touch.

> Thanks!
> Stéfan

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