Help wanted: implementation of 3D medial axis skeletonization

Stefan van der Walt stefanv at
Mon Nov 9 20:42:23 EST 2015

Hi Kevin

On 2015-11-07 09:46:17, 'Kevin Keraudren' via scikit-image <scikit-image at> wrote:
> I don’t want to volunteer for this project, but I just wanted to
> mention that the 3D skeletonization from ITK is easily accessible to
> Python through SimpleITK, see example below for the lobster
> dataset. SimpleITK could be used for comparison or validation of the
> proposed scikit-image algorithm.

Thanks for the pointer.  In this case, one of the purposes of the
exercise is to stay away from a heavy dependency such as ITK.

> PS: is there another way to load those *.pvm datasets in Python
> without converting them to raw and hardcoding the image dimension and
> pixel type? An plugin?

I have no idea about .pvm files, but perhaps we should start a set of
plugin gists on the wiki somewhere?


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