Postdoc training at the University of Washington in neuroengineering/data science

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Tue Nov 10 12:49:12 EST 2015

With apologies for cross-posting, I am posting the following on behalf of
my colleague, Ione Fine:

Two excellent postdoctoral fellowship opportunities with a deadline of January
15th are available at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA:

Candidates with a strong computational background (e.g., machine learning,
computer vision, neuroengineering, etc.) are sought to work on the
following project:

Prof. Fine has over several years worked in collaboration with Second Sight
<> (developers of a retinal prosthetic,
analogous to a cochlear implant, on the market). She has developed
developed a model that, for any given pulse train, is pretty good at
predicting what a patient implanted with a retinal prosthetic will see
(essentially a linear-nonlinear model with some weird tweaks because the
retina is responding to current instead of light).

But what the field really needs is the *reverse* of this model – we need to
be able to predict what electrical pulses (across the set of electrodes)
will produce a percept that most closely matches the percept that would
normally be elicited by whatever it is the patient is looking at.

It’s actually a really tricky problem for a variety of reasons. Building
such a model would be of very high impact on the field, because it wouldn’t
just help Second Sight patients – it would likely be generalized by all the
other groups trying to build prosthetic devices (e.g., with optogenetics).

Please contact Prof. Fine (ionefine at if you are interested in this
particular project or just want information about UWIN ( Feel free to also contact me (arokem at
for questions about the Data Science Environment at the University of
Washington ( and the eScience fellowships.
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