Clustering of an image by taking into account the spatial context of each pixel (besides its intensity)

Hakim Benoudjit h.benoudjit at
Wed Nov 25 06:50:08 EST 2015

Hi Stéfan,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I didn't try SLIC algorithm yet, but it seems to me (from the resulting 
images) that it segment images into small regions (superpixels) that could 
belong (visually) to the same object.
In my case (ideally), these superpixels need to be merged afterwards. 
Do you have an idea on how to achieve the subsequent merging?

Le mercredi 25 novembre 2015 02:21:00 UTC, stefanv a écrit :
> On 2015-11-24 01:47:00, Hakim Benoudjit <h.ben... at <javascript:>> 
> wrote: 
> > Thanks Juan, I think you're right. 
> > 
> > I might have to read the paper on SLIC algorithm to understand how to 
> tune 
> > the "compactness" parameter. 
> You can also use SLIC to label the image, and then compute features of 
> each SLIC region.  Or perhaps that is what is being suggested already, I 
> wasn't sure. 
> Stéfan 
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