[scikit-image] Minimum Python version?

François Boulogne fboulogne at sciunto.org
Tue Jun 26 07:01:05 EDT 2018

Le 26/06/2018 à 09:11, Juan Nunez-Iglesias a écrit :
> Hi all,
> What Python version do we want for 0.15? Currently, it is set to 3.5.
> I want to make a motion for 3.6. This gives us:
> - f-strings, which is super nice syntax.
> - dictionaries maintain insertion order, which is also super nice. (We
> would be able to replace all OrderedDict instances with plain dicts.)
> I certainly want 3.6+ for skimage 1.0. The question is whether to pull
> the trigger now or later.

Very good question Juan. I'm someone who tend to push to the bleeding
edge for development. My opinion is that being conservative tends to
slow down everyone sooner or later.

To be more rational:
* Debian stable version (March '18), py3.5:
* Debian testing (next stable version), py3.6:

Pro to keep v3.5:
* It is likely that our next release will happen with debian stable
providing py3.5, so our release won't be pip installable.
but those people have the LTS version and they have a deb package for
skimage 0.12 https://packages.debian.org/stretch/python3-skimage

my 2 cents.

François Boulogne.
GPG: 32D5F22F

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