[scikit-learn] Model trained in 0.17 gives entirely different results in 0.15

Shi Yu shee.yu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 17:02:23 EDT 2016


We trained SVM models in scikit-learn 0.17 and saved it as pickle files.
When loading the models back in a lower version of scikit-learn 0.15, the
outputs are entirely different.  Basically for binary classification
problem, for the same test data,  it swapped the probabilities and gave an
opposite prediction.  In 0.17 the probability is [0.02668825,  0.97331175]
and the prediction is 1.  In 0.15 the probability is [0.97331175,
0.02668825] and the prediction is 0.

I wonder is anyone seeing the same issue, or it has been notified.  I could
provide more details for error replication if required.


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