[scikit-learn] n_jobs for LogisticRegression

Sebastian Raschka se.raschka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 00:13:58 EST 2016


I just got confused what exactly n_jobs does for LogisticRegression. Always thought that it was used for one-vs-rest learning, fitting the models for binary classification in parallel. However, it also seem to do sth in the multinomial case (at least according to the verbose option). in the docstring it says 

>     n_jobs : int, optional
>         Number of CPU cores used during the cross-validation loop. If given
>         a value of -1, all cores are used.

and I saw a logistic_regression_path being defined in the code. I am wondering, is this just a workaround for the LogisticRegressionCV, and should the n_jobs docstring in LogisticRegression
be described as "Number of CPU cores used for model fitting” instead of “during cross-validation,” or am I getting this wrong?


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