[scikit-learn] How to test on PYTHON_ARCH=32 with mac?

Sebastian Raschka mail at sebastianraschka.com
Wed Jul 20 01:23:36 EDT 2016

Hi, Yen-Chen,

the problem could be just due to 32bit (and floating point impr?) rather than the Windows environment in general?

You could try running the tests on 32 bit Python and see if they come up (before you take the more tedious path and set up a virtual environment, e.g., VirtualBox running Windows XP). E.g., via conda you could do

# Create
conda create -n 32bit_py27 python=2

# Activate
activate 32bit_py27


> On Jul 20, 2016, at 1:05 AM, lin yenchen <yenchenlin1994 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> currently the CI tests of my PR is failing only on appveyor when PYTHON_ARCH=32.
> Are there any ways to build a PYTHON_ARCH=32 version of scikit-learn on a mac,
> or the only solution is to get a windows computer?
> Best,
> Yen-Chen
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