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Subject: 	libmf bindings
Date: 	Wed, 2 Nov 2016 11:38:00 -0400
From: 	sam royston <sfoxroyston at gmail.com>
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Thanks for all your hard work on this useful tool! I'm hoping to 
contribute bindings to Chih-Jen Lin's libmf: 
<https://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/%7Ecjlin/libmf/>. It looks like you guys 
have functionality for NMF, but used only in the decomposition/ 
dimensionality reduction setting (and obviously only with non-negative 
values). Id like to add functionality in the form python wrappers for 
libmf, much like you have for Chih-Jen Lin's other libraries libsvm and 

Libmf is very efficient and offers great functionality for missing data 
imputation, recommendation systems and more.

I have already written bindings using ctypes, but I see that you have 
you Cython for libsvm and liblinear - is it necessary that I switch to 
that interface?

Let me know what you think of a contribution like this.

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