[scikit-learn] Permission for creating new labels

Andreas Mueller t3kcit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 11:36:20 EDT 2016

going to the mailing list

On 10/13/2016 01:35 AM, Raghav R V wrote:
> Thanks for the messages {Ga|Jo}el. ;)
> > We can use "needs second review" as an alternative to "MRG+1" but I 
> don't see the point of using both.
> I see the system of MRG+1 and MRG+2 as a more robust way of tracking 
> approvals to see if the PR can be merged (I'm not sure if review 
> approvals completely replace this?) and "Needs 2nd Review" as a quick 
> way to search... "Needs 2nd Review" could also be used with MRG PRs 
> which have already received a solid review and would need a 2nd look 
> from those who don't have much time to do a full fledged review...
> >By the way: this discussion should happen on the ML.
> Sorry for that. I wasn't sure if this was a very useful/non-trivial 
> suggestion and wanted to avoid noise there...
> > "Needs triage":
> I see that we have "Stale" label for that.
I just added this to make it easier to find PRs to review.
I'm not sure if it is not redundant with the "needs contrib" tag on a PR.
I used "stale" if I was not sure if it's worth working on something and 
the author didn't respond for a while.
I haven't used it a lot yet.

I'm ambivalent about adding a "approved by one" (which I think is more 
explicit then "need one more") tag.

You can search for PRs and issues without comments - I recently did that 
to make sure everything had at least one ;)
I'm not sure you can search for the absence of tags. But I am planning 
to go through all issues tomorrow to see stuff
that I have missed. I'll be catching up today with all notifications 
that I missed this year because writing my ;)

Maybe having an list of statuses for PRs and issues that covers the 
common cases would be good, we just kind of had that discussion, right?

Issues can be bug|enhancement|new feature with status needs contributor, 
has PR or needs confirmation/discussion. It would be nice to see
if a issue has a PR, I think there is no way to do that from the search.

PRs need changes or reviews or are stalled (which is "needs changes" for 
a long time and no response) and then might "need contributor".

We could use "needs review" on issues and add a "has PR" tag for issues 
and a "one approval" tag for PRs.

I agree with Joel that switching between "needs review" and "needs 
changes" in a currently active PR is likely to be cumbersome.
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