[scikit-learn] Failing check_estimator on py-earth

Jason Rudy jcrudy at gmail.com
Fri May 19 18:10:36 EDT 2017

I'm pushing to get py-earth ready for a release, but I'm having an issue
with the check_estimator function on 32 bit windows machines.  Here is a
link to the failing build on appveyor:


It appears that array conversion is producing some small differences that
make check_estimators_data_not_an_array fail.  I'll probably have to set up
a 32 bit environment with a debugger and drill down to find the bug, but
I'm wondering if anybody here has tips or experience that might help me
guess the problem without doing that.  I am pretty ignorant about numpy
type standards and conversions, so even something that seems obvious to you
might help me.


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