[scikit-learn] TF-IDF

Apurva Nandan apurva3000 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 07:53:08 EDT 2017


Could anybody tell me the difference between using augmented frequency
(which is used for weighting term frequencies to eliminate the bias towards
larger documents) and cosine normalization (l2 norm which scikit-learn uses
for TfidfTransformer).
Augmented frequency is given by the following equation. It tries to divide
the natural term frequency by the maximum frequency of any term in the

[image: Inline image 1]

Do they both do the same thing when it comes to eliminating bias towards
larger documents? I suppose scikit-learn uses the natural term freq, and
using cosine normalization is enabled with using norm=l2

Any help would be appreciated!

- Apurva
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