[scikit-learn] Pipegraph feedback

Manuel Castejón Limas manuel.castejon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 06:18:13 EDT 2018

Hi all!

As you know by now :-) we submitted PipeGraph as a contrib-project proposal.
We believe that this tool can be interesting not only for end users wanting
to encapsulate their arbitrarily complex workflows but also for sklearn
developers as some internal developments could be easily expressed as
pipegraphs, for example, ensemble methods.

We would love to have some feedback in terms of:
- whether we would have to change anything in order to be more in line with
sklearn's philosophy
- any development you core developers are working on that could be treated
as a pipegraph
- possible scenarios not implemented yet by pipegraph, such as recurrent
graphs, that might be potentially useful.

Moreover, in case any core developer is interested in joining the project
you are more than welcome! This would provide a great opportunity for

Best wishes
Manuel Castejón-Limas
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