[scikit-learn] Unable to connect HDInsight hive to python

Debabrata Ghosh mailfordebu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 08:16:10 EDT 2018

Hi All,
                       Greetings ! Wish you are doing good ! I am just
reaching out to you in case if you have any answer or help me direct to the
right forum please:

We are facing with hive connectivity from the python on Azure HDinsights,
We have installed required SASL,thrift_sasl(0.2.1) and Thirft (0.9.3)
packages on Ubuntu , but some how when we are trying to connect Hive using
following packages we are getting errors , It would be really great help if
you could provide some pointers based on your experience

Example 1: from impala.dbapi import connect conn=connect(host="localhost",
port=10001 , auth_mechanism="PLAIN", user="admin", password="PWD") (tried

Example 2:

import pyhs2 conn = pyhs2.connect(host='localhost ',
port=10000,authMechanism="PLAIN", user='admin',

Example 3:

from pyhive import hive conn = hive.Connection(host="localhost",
port=10001, username="admin", password=None, auth='NONE')

Across all of the above examples we are getting the error message:
thrift.transport.TTransport.TTransportException: Tsocket read 0 bytes
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